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FindLaw New Zealand will be the leading internet resource for information on lawyers and law firms for New Zealand consumers by offering a free searchable database of 1500 New Zealand law firms.

The FindLaw model was originally developed in the US and has since extended to both the UK and Australia where it has quickly become the number one destination for people wishing to find and engage a lawyer.

Our audience is actively searching for a lawyer. Each and every visitor to the Directory has already taken action to look for assistance, making them very likely to hire a lawyer.

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When it comes to solving a legal problem, the internet often presents an overwhelming amount of complex and contradictory information. provides families, individuals and small businesses with introductory information about legal topics. We help people understand their legal needs and focus their lawyer searches. online advertising puts your firm's expertise in front of people as they learn about the law and seek to engage a lawyer.

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Enhanced Listings

Enhanced listings

Located in FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory, Enhanced Listings create the foundation for your web presence. It gives a complete overview of your practice, reinforces your reputation, highlights your expertise and maximises your visibility in front of potential clients, at the right time — when they’re ready to hire a lawyer.

Top Spots

Top spots

Rise to the top of the search results in the Lawyer Directory with Top Spot advertisements. Providing permanent top placements, Top Spots allow you to target prospective clients by practice area. That means you’re one of the first law firms people see as they search for a lawyer.

Practice Area Sponsorship

Dramatically enhance your presence, set yourself apart from competitors,
and expand your reach with a Practice Area Sponsorship Advertisement.
By combining an eye-catching design with key information about your firm,
such as your legal focus, key message, and link to your website, Sponsorships build your professional image and provide a visually attractive introduction to potential clients.

Display advertising

The display advertising options go from a graphic banner on the homepage to using animation or rich media.